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Blueberry liqueur

Blueberry liqueur by Bahne

Bahne Borovničev’c: a true legend with forest blueberries

Liqueurs and spirits Bahne - localy produced


Made in Slovenia


Grown and produced in the unspoiled nature of Vidovski hribi

Liqueurs and spirits Bahne - distilled spirits production


Bottled in Trzin


Bottled for your consumption or service

Liqueurs and spirits Bahne - Trzin store


Shopping and delivery

Shopping and delivery

Trzin store, shops across Slovenia, door-to-door delivery


Juniper berries

Liqueurs and spirits Bahne – made from natural ingredients

Mostly apples, pears and prunes. These are the basic ingredients of our delicious beverages. At Bahne we enhance the flavour by adding other fruits and herbs. Blueberry liqueur Borovničev’c gets a large dose of blueberries and some amazing herbs. Find out even more.

Bestsellers Bahne

Liqueurs and spirits Bahne - spruce brandy Smrekov'c Bahne


Spruce brandy Smrekov’c Bahne – genuine flavor
Liqueurs and spirits Bahne - hazelnut spirit Leskov'c with hazelnut macerate


Hazelnut spirit Leskov’c Bahne – with hazelnut macerate
Liqueurs and spirits Bahne - plum brandy Slivovka Bahne


Plum spirit Slivovka Bahne – the traditional taste
Liqueurs and spirits Bahne - Blueberry liqueur Borovničev'c Bahne


Blueberry liqueur Borovničev’c Bahne – A legend and No. 1 choice of many
Blackberry liqueur Robidovc Bahne


Blackberry liquer Robidov’c Bahne – homegrown berries
Gin Čoh gin fot those perfect summer nights


Gin Čoh Gin – a staple for a girls night out

Destillation process

Done in the old way. The way our grandpa used to do it more than one hundred years ago. Today, all of out destilling is done by a skilled master and a valued team member Tomaž.

Liquers and spirits Bahne - the destilling process in the Notranjska region.


The destilling process takes place in the beautiful hills of Notranjska region.
Bahne store


Bahne stockists

Where to buy Bahne?

Welcome to our Trzin store. Find us at Domžale farmer’s market. Shop at Gušt Domžale. Shop at KGZ Loka in Škofja Loka and at Korotan in Kranj. Visit KGZ Metlika stores in the Bela Krajina region. Visit Davidov Hram stores all over the country.

Send us an enquiry via contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.

Meet the Bahne team

Franc Tekavec Bahne KFI


Franc Tekavec, the founder

The KFI d.o.o.founder and Bahne householder. An expert in destilling and creating new goodies. Retired, but never tired.

Snežana Brojan CEO Bahne KFI


Snežana Brojan, CEO

Sneža, a CEO, who is always up-to-date and thinking ahead. The right woman for the job, no doubt about it.


Tomaž Kebe, the destiller

Tomaž, the destiller expert from the Notranjska region, a region with a great tradition in destilling. Tomaž is also a jack-of-all-trades and loves to lend a helping hand.


Mihael Strle, key account manager

A key account manager in charge of Ljubljana, Notranjska and Coastal region. He’ll take your order and teach you a thing or two about beverages.

Denis Pavlovič, key account managerBahne


Denis Pavlovič, key account manager

A key account manager for Gorenjska, Dolenjska and Štajerska region. Place an order with him, get it personally delivered and take his advice on Bahne drinks.

Do you believe in localy produced? Do you value natural ingredients and quality?

Do we share the same values?

Contact us, if you’d like to become a stockist or offer our beverages at your venue. We’ll be happy to discuss the offer.

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