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Sweet liqueurs Bahne

Sweet liqueurs are among most popular alcoholic beverages. Liqueurs are delicious as such, but they also make an amazing cocktail ingredient.

The most popular Bahne sweet liqueur is blueberry liqueur Borovničev’c. Among most popular ones are also raspberry liqueur Malinov’c and spruce liqueur Smrekov’c. Discover other delicious liqueurs below!

Borovničev liker borovničevec Borovničev'c Bahne

Blueberry liqueur BOROVNIČEV’C

A popular forest blueberries liqueur makes an excellent aperitiff.
Alcohol content: 20%. Bueberries content: 70g/l.

Malinov liker Bahne Malinov'c

Raspberry liqueur MALINOV’C

Sweet liqueur with raspberries. A great taste and a most beautiful colour. Indulge in a cocktail!
Alcohol content: 20%. Raspberries content: 70g/l.

Robidov liker Robidov'c Bahne

Blackberry liqueur ROBIDOV’C

Blackberry liqueur is a less known liqueur, but just as delicious as the better know ones.
Alcohol content: 25%. Blackberries content: 70g/l.

Liker iz sirupa smrekovih vrščikov Smrekov'c Bahne

Spruce liqueur  SMREKOV’C

Spruce liqueur Smrekov’c is a popular autumn liqueur. It is made of spruce tops with floral honey. Shake well.
Alcohol content: 20%.

Limonov liker Bahne Limonov'c

Lemon liqueur LIMONOV’C

Limonov’c is a sweet liqueur on spirit base with lemon extracts. Best served chilled. Goes great with soda.
Alcohol content: 25%.

Liker Samostanka Bahne

Sweet liqueur SAMOSTANKA

Sweet pear liqueur Samostanka iz made of pear spirit and dry pears of Williams variety. It’s sweet and strong.
Alcohol content: 25%.

Medeni liker Kanilo Bahne

Honey liqueur KANILO

Kanilo is a traditional honey liqueur. Get a taste of a sweet alcoholic dring made of spirit, floral and chessnut honey.
Alcohol content: 23%.

Sladki liker Black Knight Bahne


Black Knight liqueur us a sweet liquer, made on a basis of blueberries, blacberries and red currant. Black Knight liquer is mild-tasting and has a low alcohol content.
Alcohol content: 18%.

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