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Selection of liqueurs and fine spirits Bahne

Sweet liqueurs and fine spirits Bahne. Blueberry liqueur.


Sweet liqueurs are among most popular Bahne drinks. Sweet liqueurs are known by their full and rich look and taste, a real feast for the eye as well as the palates. Any Bahne liqueur makes a great aperitif and great base for making cocktails. Most popular Bahne liqueur is blueberry liqueurBorovničev’c.

Liqueurs and spirits Bahne. Pelinkovec.


Liqueurs – so many delicious liqueurs to choose from. We provide a great selection of bitter liqueurs. Bitter liqueurs contain delicious oragnic herbs, home-grown in the hills of Vidovski hribi. The most popular bitter liqueur is wormwood liqueur Pelinkovec.

Liqueurs and spirits Bahne - fruit spirits Bahne. Plum brandy Slivovka.


Fruit spirits have a long tradition in Slovenia and used to be produced all over the country. Spirits are usually distilled from apples, pears and plums. Most popular Bahne fruit spirit is plum brandy Slivovka.

Liqueurs and fine spirits - herb spirits. Mint brandy Metino žagnje.


Bahne herbal spirits are made with herbs, which are home-grown in the Čohovo estate. The unspoiled nature makes them rich with taste, so they inhance the taste of brandy. Bahne bitter brandy grenčica Žonta is most delicious as a digestive.

Liqueurs and spirits Bahne as personalized gifts


Liqueurs and spirits Bahne are very popular as gifts. Discover our holiday selection. Add your logo to the labels – make it personal. More info via contact form  or in person in our Trzin store.

Brezalkoholni izdelki Bahne - kis, sirupi in marmelade Bahne


Appreciate the nature, choose high quality foods for the whole family. There are many non-alco goodies from the Notranjska region. Try our jams and fruit syrup. You will love our elderberry syrup.

Majda Debevc, slovenska poznavalka žganih pijač

“People have historically speaking always found a way to produce alcohol. There is a rich inheritance of fruit spirits as fruits were always in abundance in Slovenia.”

MAJDA DEBEVC, a liquer and spirits connoisseur