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Herbal spirits Bahne

Herbal spirits Bahne are distilled in the nature of Notranjska region. The herbs are organically grown in the Čohovo estate.

Mint spirit Metino žganje is mostly popular as a cocktail ingredient. Hojev’c is a traditional alcoholic drink from the Notranjska region. There is also a chilli-spiced drink Dragons Blood. Take a look at our wide variety of herbal spirits!

Zeliščno žganje Žonta Bahne

Herbal spirit ŽONTA

Žonta is a fruit spirit, enriched with seven aromatic herbs. Žonta is a premium bitter spirit.
Alcohol content: 40%.

Zeliščna žganja Metino žganje Bahne

Herbal mint spirit  METINO ŽGANJE

Mint spirit Metino žganje is a popular cocktail ingredient. Indulge yourself in a mojito!
Alcohol content: 38%.

Zeliščno žganje Hudičev švic Bahne

Chilly spirit Dragon Fire HUDIČEV ŠVIC

Trendy and spicey thanks to strong chillies. Do NOT drink more than a drop at a time. Do you dare and have you got a glass of milk ready?
Alcohol content: 38%.

Hojevo žganje Hojev'c Bahne

White fir spirit HOJEV’C

Hojev’c is a traditional Notranjska region white fir spirit. The spirit that used to be know as tannenzapfen is produced with white fir extract.
Alcohol content: 40%.


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