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Food and non-alcoholic drinks Bahne

Something for the whole family. Bahne offers the sweetest jams with high fruit content and homemade apple cider vinegar.

Have a taste of excellent raspberry and blackberry jam. Both are delicious with butter on freshly baked bread.  Also try blackberry jam with hot shredded pancakes. Amazing! And homemade apple cider vinegar. Just like your grandpa used to make it.

Malinova marmelada Bahne


Exceptional raspberry jam made from raspberries from the Čohovo estate. A traditional recipe. Fail proof gift.
Volume: 200 ml.

Malinova marmelada Bahne


Blackberry jam is best served with shredded crepes. Contains large pieces of fruit. Fail proof gift.
Volume: 200 ml.

Malinova marmelada


Homemade apple cider vinegar. A traditional recipe. A staple salad dressing. Be careful though, it’s quite strong and sour.
Volume: 0,5 l.

Would you prefer something with alcohol? Go!