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Trendy alcoholic drinks

Every now and then, there is a beverage, that is special. An icon. The stuff stories are  made off. Go with gin in the summer and hot cocktail Grog in the winter time.

Čoh gin is a signature Bahne gin. Gin is basically a neutral grain alcohol with juniper berries and herbs, which give it the distinctive taste. Among the herbs and other botanicals there is coriander, acacia, lavender, thyme, mint and almonds. Discover your favourite summer cocktail or enjoy a hot cocktail Grog in the winter time.

Gin Čoh gin Bahne


Gin is an iconic drink. Čoh Gin is a true London dry gin. It makes for an amazing gin tonic and other cocktails.
Alcohol content: 43 %.

Grog Bahne


Grog is an iconic hot cocktail, made of spirit, rum, caramel and tea. Enjoy it hot or cold. Really easy to make with hot or cold water and some ice cubes.
Alcohol content: 40 %.

Do you prefer a more traditional drink?