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Price list for Bahne beverages

Price list for some of the most popular Bahne beverages. Are you a retailer or in catering or hospitality business? Contact us for your offer.

NamePrice (EUR)
Pear spirit WILLIAMS 40% ABV, Vol. 1l18,00
Hot cocktail GROG 40% ABV, Vol. 1l15,00
Gin ČOH GIN 43% ABV, Vol. 0,7l15,00
Hazelnut spirit LESKOV’C 30% ABV, Vol. 1l15,00
Bitter liqueur ŽONTA 40% ABV, Vol. 1l15,00
Plum spirit SLIVOVKA 40% ABV, Vol. 1l15,00
Sweet liqueur SAMOSTANKA 25% ABV, Vol. 1l15,00
White fir spirit HOJEV’C 40% ABV, Vol. 1l15,00
Herbal liqueur FRENBACH 30% ABV, Vol. 1l14,00
Blueberry liqueur BOROVNIČEV’C 20% ABV, Vol. 1l14,00
Blackberry liqueur ROBIDOV’C 25% ABV, Vol. 1l14,00
Spruce liqueur SMREKOV’C 20% ABV, Vol. 1l15,00
Raspberry liqueur MALINOV’C 20% ABV, Vol. 1l14,00
Fruit spirit SADJEVEC 40% ABV, Vol. 1l14,00
Lemon liqueur LIMONOV’C 25% ABV, Vol. 1l14,00
Wormwood spirit PELINKOV’C 30% ABV, Vol. 1l14,00
Mint spirit METINO ŽGANJE 38% ABV, Vol. 1l15,00
Sweet liqueur KANILO 23% ABV, Vol. 1l15,00
Spruce liqueur SMREKOV’C 20% ABV, Vol. 1l14,00
Sweet liqueur BLACK KNIGHT 18% ABV, Vol. 1l14,00
Chilly spirit HUDIČEV ŠVIC 38% ABV, Vol. 0,25l9,00

All prices include excise duty and VAT.