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Bitter liqueurs Bahne

Bitter liqueurs and bitters Bahne are known for their distinguished taste, which is perfected by many herbs, grown in the nature of Notranjska region.

Bitter liqueurs or bitters are served as an aperitif, as they stimulate appetite, or after a meal as a digestive for better digestion.

A bitter liqueur Frenbach is made of many herbs, mosty originated in the hills of Vidovski hribi. Wormwood bitter, which is a tradional Slovenian bitter and not to be confused with absynth, is slowly gaining back its popularity.

Grenki liker Franach Bahne

Bitter herbal liqueur FRENBACH

Bitter liqueur Frenbach is best know due to its signature herbal flavour. We recommend it as a digestive.
Alcohol content: 30%.

Grenki liker grenčica pelinkovec Pelinkov'c Bahne

Bitter wormwood liqueur PELINKOV’C

A traditional Slovenian herbal beverage with wormwood and anise. Despite the wormwood content it is not to be confused with absynth. Pelinkov’c has been slowly regaining its popularity in the last few years.
Alcohol content: 30%.

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